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Looking to purchase the best Windows VPS Hosting? zomev offers cheap Windows VPS with flexible billing, multiple Windows version system images, and deployment in 1 minute, 11+ data centers worldwide.



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Best and Cheap Windows VPS Server Hosting

Windows is one of the most popular and user-friendly operating systems, favored for its simplicity and intuition. It is capable of
handling everything from everyday use to complex business tasks such as application development and hosting.
What are the biggest advantages? Windows is available to all. zomev offers cheap Windows VPS with a
superb price/performance ratio, deployment in 1 minute, and 11+ data centers worldwide.

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Dedicated IP

100% Network Uptime SLA

Personalised 24x7 Support

Dedicated KVM for Instant
Reboot and Custom OS Install

Worldwide Data Center

Full Root Access


32 TB Traffic
Unlimited Incoming


Zomev offers dozens of Operating Systems to choose from to ensure you have the right software available. You can find a
variety of free linux options as well as Windows Server. Each OS will be immediately installed after checkout, or choose to install a
custom OS using our Surge control panel.

Why buy Windows VPS from zumiv?

Zomev offers fast cloud Windows VPS servers with remote desktop access and cheap licenses, featuring high-performance
CPUs (Intel, AMD optional) and NVMe SSD storage, flexible billing models, and 11+ datacenter locations worldwide to
choose from. You will have full administrative rights to the server and full remote desktop access. You can install any
software you like and manage your server independently, with the option to use RDP.

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Premium eCommerce experiences need low latencies and superior uptime. There is nothing more detrimental to an e-commerce server than slow loading speeds or a customer being unable to access the cloud VPS hosting the e-commerce store. Cloud VPS Hosting have the power and the stability to support high-transaction eCommerce stores without breaking a sweat and with a 100% network uptime guarantee, every dedicated hosting solution is backed by a network you can rely on.

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A Cloud VPS Hosting is an ideal foundation for high-traffic Software-as-a-Service applications. Developers deploy mission-critical SaaS applications to bare metal for unbeatable responsiveness, scalability, and reliability. With full root access to servers using the latest Intel Xeon core processors, you know you are starting off your server experience right.

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Big Data

Big data applications are hungry for processor power and fast IO — no other infrastructure platform can match the power, performance, and cost-efficiency of bare metal for big data analytics and large database hosting. We have the latest Intel Xeon core server processors backed by a network uptime guarantee that can handle even the largest big data projects.

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Game Server Hosting

Gaming is at the core of many of our lives today. Providing a reliable game server hosting environment requires a rock-solid network uptime, powerful processors, and easily expandable memory. zomev Cloud VPS Hosting provides the best environment to run resource hungry game servers at a low price without compromising performance. Our 100% network uptime guarantee means that your customers can always reach your server and our Intel Xeon core processors deliver exceptional performance for even the most demanding games.

dedicated servers

Shared Web Hosting

With thousands of websites on the line, shared hosting providers need top-tier connections with global providers to ensure website loading times are optimal. Even more important is a 24x7 support team on-site during emergencies. zomev Cloud VPS Hosting solutions feature 1Gbps connections on only the best network providers, perfect for delivering blazing-fast shared web server hosting to clients.

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High-Performance Applications

Mission-critical applications need a Cloud VPS Hosting solution designed for high performance. Applications that require exceptional performance, control, scalability and uptime need zomev Cloud VPS Hosting servers. These servers were developed from the ground up with everything high-performance applications need to function at their best.


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zomev’s 24/7 support service is outstanding. I haven’t seen any other provider even coming close. What’s more, zomev always approaches problems with a positive manner. Every staff member I have encountered always made me feel that I was their priority.

DevOps Director - Comodo

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FAQ | Windows VPS

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) blend cost-effective shared hosting with dedicated server performance and security. With Windows VPS, you can operate Windows OS-specific apps, enable remote desktop access, host multiplayer games, and ensure peak ASP.NET website performance.

Windows VPS has 30+ data centers to choose from: USA(Silicon Valley, Washington)VPS, Germany VPS, Turkey VPS, Greece VPS, Bulgaria VPS, UK VPS, France VPS, Brazil VPS, Argentina VPS, Saudi Arabia VPS, Dubai VPS, Bahrain VPS, Oman VPS, Kuwait VPS, Japan VPS, Singapore VPS, South Korea VPS, Hong Kong VPS, Vietnam VPS, Cambodia VPS, Philippines VPS, Taiwan VPS, Thailand VPS, Bangladesh VPS, Malaysia VPS, Pakistan VPS, Indonesia VPS, Nepal VPS, South Africa VPS, Egypt VPS, Russia VPS, Mexico VPS, Chile Colombia VPS

1. Choose a Windows VPS hosting provider and purchase a plan;
2. Download and install the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) software;
3. Set up your VPS with the necessary software and applications;
4. Configure your VPS to run the applications you need;
5. Connect to the VPS using RDP;
6. Test to make sure the VPS is working properly.

With the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client, you can connect to Remote Desktop Services from Windows Server and remote computers, and use and control the desktops and applications that administrators make available to you.

Yes, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your Windows VPS servers at any time from your console, depending on your changing needs and requirements.

No, your fees are clearly listed and there are no hidden fees in the future.

This is a staging enviroment

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