SAP prides itself as being the giant company you’ve never heard about. Indeed, with an annual operating revenue of roughly 25 billion dollars in 2018, SAP software powers some of the largest businesses worldwide. But SAP is not only focused on large enterprises, but also Small and Medium businesses as well. One of the products that SAP has introduced for the SMB market is SAP Business One.

But what is SAP Business One, how much does it cost, and how can it help your business? We explore all of these topics in this article.

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What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a business management software, often referred to as Enterprise resource planning or ERP. It has dozens of modules to help power a variety of business applications including:

  • Customer Relationship Management (connects to the other modules)
  • Financials: Including the Chart of Accounts and other journal entries
  • Lead Opportunities
  • Sales Management: Quotations, Orders, Deliveries, and Invoices
  • Purchasing
  • Banking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources Management

The software can be hosted in the cloud by using a Zumiv Dedicated Server, or on premises. As you can see, SAP B1 has capabilities to support nearly every business activity including sales, inventory, and much more.

How much does SAP Business One Cost?

The price of SAP Business One varies from $54 per month all the way up to $3212/user based on the license type and whether you are choosing an owned license or a subscription based license.

SAP B1 offers two licensing models: subscription based and owned licenses. With the subscription license, you may a fixed monthly fee indefinitely and this includes cloud VPS. If you are hosting SAP B1 on premises or at Zumiv, you would use the owned license. The owned license is a one time payment per user.

Once you have determined if you would like a subscription or owned license, you can select between four different license types. These types are professional, limited CRM, limited financials, and limited logistics.

The professional license offers the full SAP B1 feature set, whereas limited licenses offer only specific features in the respective areas. The major benefit of the limited license is Reduced cost for users who don’t need all features of the software.

For the professional licenses, SAP B1 costs $3212 for an owned license or $94 per month on the subscription model. For the limited users, it’s $1666 for an owned license or $54/month on the subscription plan.

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What Are the SAP Business One System Requirements?

The hardware requirements for SAP B1 are as follows:

  • OS: Windows Server 2016 / 2019 and SQL Server
  • Processor: 1x Intel® Xeon® E3 (or equivalent)
  • Memory: 4GB Minimum, 16GB Recommended
  • Hard Disk: System partition 5 GB Data partition 15 GB
  • Network: 0.5Mbps per concurrent user

SAP B1 is a Cloud Application so it can be setup on a Zumiv Dedicated Server easily.

Each physical CPU core can support 5~8 SAP Business One concurrent users, depending on the actual CPUand the clock-speed.

Recommended SAP Business One Servers

Small Medium Large
CPU Intel E3 1240v3 Intel Xeon W-2125 Intel Xeon Silver 4210
RAM 32GB 32GB 64GB
Disk Space 500GB SSD 2X 500GB SSD 500GB SSD
Price $70 $140 $219

Deploy An SAP Business One Server

If you’re looking to deploy an SAP Business One server or another ERP on premises, you may be surprised to find out about all of the benefits of hosting it instead on a Zumiv Dedicated Server. For one fixed monthly price, you have access to a 24×7 support team and the server is hosted in our secure data centers for maximum performance. Learn more today by booking a free server consultation. 

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