Why Cyberlogic Has Chosen Virtual Dedicated Servers?

Why Cyberlogic Has Chosen Virtual Dedicated Servers?

Cyberlogic – leader in travel technology

Cyberlogic, located on Crete Greece, specializes in software solutions for travel companies & tourism organizations since 2006. Our main product is “Cyberlogic e-Tourism Platform”, a solution consisting of desktop applications (Windows), web applications (IIS) and mobile apps (Android & iOS). Cyberlogic products are built on Microsoft solutions (Windows Server, Visual Studio, MS SQL, IIS) and MongoDB (no-SQL).

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Several of our customers that don’t have on-premise servers, are hosted in zomev. They typically utilize 2 types of servers:
a) dedicated servers for SQL Server, MongoDB, IIS (web applications & mobile apps) and
b) application servers (terminal server running “Cyberlogic e-Tourism Operations” back-office desktop app).
Depending on size of the installation of each customer, the mix of web & mobile applications, the amount of data processed and the performance requirements, we recommend the right server setup (VPS or/and Dedicated) from Zumiv.

Dedicated Servers – great value for money, but not flexible

Zumiv Dedicated Servers offer the “Best Value for Money” solution for hosting to our customers. The limitation, however, is that the Zumiv dedicated server solutions are not “flexible”, we cannot reduce or increase the number of CPU cores or amount of RAM on a server depending on our customer’s needs. Therefore, our customers used to order more powerful servers than they really need in order to avoid having to migrate them to a different server in the near future.

Switching to Virtual Dedicated Servers

Our main use case for Dedicated Servers is database hosting (SQL Server). No matter we usually don’t need the full power of the server we cannot rely on shared resources. That is why, a Virtual Dedicated Server is a very interesting solution. Thanks to 1:8 core/RAM ratio and high-performance storage VDS performs well for SQL server. The downside for us though is that AMD CPUs don’t support of Hyper-V on Windows.

Virtual Dedicated Servers are not perfectly flexible, but they provide more flexibility and value for money than Dedicated Servers. That’s why VDS seems to be a very good and scalable solution for several of our customers, as it can grow with them.

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Cyberlogic Virtual Data Center

Cyberlogic plans to establish its own Virtual Data Center using the new Zumiv product line to support current and future customers of the travel industry to grow in post COViD-19 era. In order to address the upcoming market challenges & opportunities, we launch new services that will empower our customers to expand their Online Travel Distribution network and streamline their sales performance.

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