The 4 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2023


Crypto exchange: What’s all the rage about?

Talks about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are everywhere. You have most likely heard a few things about blockchain technology. Interest in cryptocurrencies has been on a constant increase over the past few years, from individuals, institutions, and even countries.

Crypto Exchanges Security

Security in crypto exchanges

One of blockchain’s major selling points is enhanced security, as compared to traditional systems. However, there have been numerous cases of people getting scammed when trying to purchase bitcoin. An important step in choosing a reputable crypto exchange account is the associated safety. Crypto exchanges have been hacked in the past, resulting in users losing their money since most of these crypto exchanges do not have any insurance.

There are hundreds of crypto exchanges, with new ones popping up all the time, so it is very important to conduct some due diligence before settling on one. Once you decide on the best crypto platform, you then have to decide which cryptocurrency to buy. Bitcoin is a favorite of most newbies who are trying to learn the ropes of the industry.

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Some of the metrics used to evaluate the best crypto exchanges include cybersecurity features, trading volumes, liquidity, ease of use, services rendered, and their presence in different geographical locations.

Starting out on the cryptocurrency exchange

As a beginner, when you’re wondering where to build up your crypto assets, choosing an exchange that will offer you the most convenience is a good approach. The best crypto exchanges are those that are secure, allow users to trade different coins, have educational resources to keep you up-to-speed on industry news, and have a high trading volume. These are the factors that informed the list below.

All the crypto exchanges on our list will allow you to buy and sell bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies may or may not be available so keep that in mind before settling on a crypto exchange.

In looking to find the best cryptocurrency exchange, keep your eye on the major exchanges. Most crypto exchanges that are good for beginner traders should be easy-to-use and secure. We break down a couple of cryptocurrency exchange options below. Let’s dive in!

Our list of the 4 best crypto exchanges

Coinbase logo

1. Coinbase


Founded in 2012 by Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong, Coinbase could be THE best crypto exchange, and is certainly one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is considered the largest crypto trading platforms in the United States, based on its trading volume.

The Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange consistently reiterates its commitment to ensuring users’ digital currencies are safe. At the time of writing this article, there haven’t been any successful hacks on this platform.

One of the reasons why Coinbase is one of the most well known crypto exchanges is that it makes buying cryptocurrency easy by allowing crypto investors to purchase cryptocurrency using fiat currencies, like USD.

Some of the most popular tokens on Coinbase include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Solana, Cardano, and Monero. This crypto exchange platform is consistently adding to the list of coins it supports. As such, if you are wondering where to purchase cryptocurrency, Coinbase has a long list from which you can choose. This crypto platform is ideal for beginners and they also offer an advanced version, Coinbase Pro, for users who are confident with their trading skills and need extra tools and resources to trade. Below is a breakdown of why Coinbase is considered one of the best platforms.


  • It is secure and trustworthy. Coinbase is one of the crypto exchanges that has user funds secured, meaning that, in the unfortunate event of a hack, those with an account in the exchange will be reimbursed according to their terms and conditions. It also uses AES-256 encryption to store Bitcoin and wallets’ private keys.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. Many are turned off by blockchain technology’s technicalities. While there are some complex terminologies and concepts, platforms like Coinbase do not require you to have a firm grasp of them. There are also tutorials available on how to deposit, trade, and withdraw on the crypto exchange platform.
  • Broad selection of coins to trade. Depending on your risk appetite and general preference, you might want to purchase a coin that is not Bitcoin or Ethereum, arguably the most popular cryptocurrencies. With Coinbase, you get to choose from hundreds of coins.
  • Low account minimum to fund one’s account. If you are just getting started and wondering where to buy cryptocurrency, Coinbase could be an ideal option since you could start out with a small amount as you try and get used to the system.
  • Easily accessible. You can access your portfolio on the website or via Coinbase’s app. Having an app is an attractive feature since it boosts accessibility and convenience.


  • Complex fee structure. Coinbase charges in tiers and it can be quite confusing, especially for newbies.
  • It is comparatively expensive. This crypto exchange charges high fees for brokerage services, which can only be avoided by upgrading to Coinbase Pro.
  • Prolonged customer care wait times. Should you have an issue, it could take an exceedingly long time to get it sorted, which is never ideal.
  • Some deposit methods might not be available in certain locations. It is important to check whether your preferred payment method is supported by Coinbase as some of the listed methods are not available in some countries.

Binance Logo

2. Binance


If you are wondering what are the best crypto exchanges, it is worthwhile to look into Binance. This crypto exchange platform is the biggest in the world in terms of volume traded.

Founded by Changpeng Zhao, commonly referred to as CZ, Binance has consistently outperformed other exchanges, mostly because of the low trading fees involved.

Binance is a trusted platform for crypto purchases as it provides users with different options of what to do with their investments. Some of the products offered by Binance include trading, staking, farming, and locked savings. These are all interesting ways to earn money from one’s investment and in a passive manner. Most of these are passive ways to make extra income and it would be worthwhile to look into them.

Binance operates across the world but has often had to deal with a lot of regulation issues in certain jurisdictions. Owing to that, there are places where one cannot access its services, including Ontario, Canada.

US citizens can access some Binance services from, as opposed to Binance global. Both platforms are easy to use and are beginner-friendly, making Binance one of the most trusted crypto exchanges in Canada, and beyond.

Binance has a wide selection of cryptocurrencies, so you are certain to find most of your favorites. Here follows a breakdown of why we consider Binance to be one of the best platforms to buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


  • High liquidity and trading volume. These are some of the factors that boost the credibility of a crypto exchange.
  • Comparatively low trading fees. Binance provides users on the platform with multiple rewards when they stake their coins and also when they use other features on the site.
  • Available in many countries globally. While Binance has had a lot of trouble making their platform available in numerous countries, they are still present in hundreds of countries worldwide. They also make unique provisions for some of their clients to accommodate the country’s existing laws, a good example is the existence of
  • Users can either access Binance from their computers or their phones using the app. Having multiple options when it comes to fund accessibility is a major plus for any exchange.
  • A high number of tokens and coins. One of the factors to consider when deciding where to buy or sell digital currencies is the number of coins listed by an exchange. Binance provides you with hundreds of options to help you deposit funds and start trading crypto.
  • Swift transaction times. Most exchanges on Binance are completed within seconds, placing it as the best platform to manage your cryptocurrency investments.


  • Binance US has limited features. As compared to the parent company, Binance US does not have as many features for crypto traders, owing to the regulations in place in the United States.
  • Complex interface. Its many features also mean that trading cryptocurrencies and transferring funds may be for advanced traders. For first-time cryptocurrency investors, navigating the interface can be a particularly daunting task.
  • Constant pressure for regulation. Binance has had to deal with a lot of pressure from different fronts as they try to expand their reach. Regulators often come with a lot of requests that sometimes hinder their operations.
  • Lengthy response times. Should one require assistance from Binance’s customer care, they would need to wait for quite a long time before getting it solved. logo



Founded by Gary Or, Rafael Melo, Kris Marszalek, and Bobby Bao, is headquartered in Hong Kong. is one of the world’s first crypto exchanges. The exchange offers a huge number of cryptocurrencies at affordable rates. Customers have an array of features and services to explore, making one of the most appealing crypto exchanges.

Some of the interesting features of the crypto exchange is its allowance to swap different currencies straight from one’s DeFi cryptocurrency wallet. Loans are also provided on the crypto platform with the coins and tokens you own being used as security. You can then access the loan using your credit or debit card. has constantly made updates on its site to accommodate unique customer needs and the ever-evolving blockchain world. also allows users to earn interest on their holdings, sometimes reaching as far as 14 percent. Deposits to one’s crypto account are done free of charge, boosting it further on the list of best trading platforms.

Investors, regardless of their experience level, can comfortably use The crypto exchange platform could very well be the best crypto platforms in Canada thanks to its all-in-one characteristic. Here is a summary to help you decide on whether or not will be your go-to cryptocurrency exchanges.


  • A huge list of tokens and coins. There are hundreds of coins available on the platform, giving customers the much-needed options.
  • You can spend your crypto using your visa card. This is an important link between the centralized and decentralized worlds, allowing customers to enjoy benefits from both places. With a account, users also earn rewards in numerous ways.
  • High interest on users’ crypto holdings. The exchange gives an option for users to hold savings accounts with high yields.
  • Tax support is provided. Taxation is not a straightforward subject, more so when it comes to blockchain technology.


  • As compared to other crypto trading platforms, educational material is not easy to find on
  • Live support on the app is slow. Solving an issue using the app can take a long time.
  • Low-volume traders are subjected to comparatively higher trading fees. This is especially true for those who do not hold Cronos (CRO),’s native coin.
  • All the cashback rewards are paid in CRO. CRO is subject to fluctuation and if you want to use the rewards, you would need to convert it to USD.
  • Hard to navigate compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges, especially for first-time users.

kraken logo

4. Kraken


Trying to find the best platform to buy cryptocurrency is not an easy task, especially if you are a beginner. One of the crypto exchanges that has made it somewhat easier for newbies to get started is Kraken.

The exchange was founded by Jesse Powell and is based in the United States. Given it has never been hacked, Kraken is considered one of the best platforms to buy cryptocurrencies. With Kraken, customers can get cryptocurrencies by trading directly from the fiat currency of their choice. There are also numerous cryptocurrencies available on Kraken.

Kraken has been around since 2011 and it has constantly evolved to meet ever-changing customer needs. The crypto exchange provides futures trading, margin trading, and spot trading between various digital assets.

Users can also stake their coins for rewards based on predetermined rates. Comparatively, Kraken has fewer coins listed than its counterparts, especially to customers in the United States. However, it does provide enhanced security.

Below is an overview of Kraken’s pros and cons.


  • Huge selection of cryptocurrencies. International clients get to choose from hundreds of cryptos making it a great choice in Canada and other countries. 50+ coins are supported in the United States.
  • Regular payment of staking rewards. One of the most attractive products by Kraken is the ability to stake one’s coins for interest. Getting paid on time is an absolute plus.
  • Futures and margin trading.
  • Low fees when you buy and sell cryptocurrencies.


  • The interface can be confusing. For first-time traders, it could be very difficult to navigate the site.
  • Poor customer support. It is often not possible to get a hold of customer support on time.
  • Deposits can be expensive for some users.
  • Some users cannot trade all the coins available on Kraken. Owing to regulations in some countries, Kraken provides users with fewer coins to trade.

We are confident that the breakdown we gave above will help you decide on a crypto exchange that meets your needs. Compare the pros and cons and see what suits your personal finance needs best.

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