How to Set Up Your Own Teamspeak3 Server on a VPS

How to Set Up Your Own Teamspeak3 Server on a VPS

When it comes to online communication and collaboration, voice communication platforms play a crucial role. TeamSpeak 3 has been a popular choice for gamers, communities, and businesses for years due to its robust voice quality and customizable features. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of installing a TeamSpeak 3 server on a Linux VPS running Debian 11. We’ll also touch on the differences between TeamSpeak and Discord, highlighting why TeamSpeak remains relevant in today’s communication landscape.

Why TeamSpeak 3?

While Discord has gained widespread popularity due to its feature-rich environment and integrations, TeamSpeak 3 still holds its ground in certain scenarios. TeamSpeak offers unparalleled voice quality and is often preferred by gaming communities and eSports events for its low latency and reliability. Additionally, TeamSpeak allows for complete server ownership, offering a greater degree of control and customization over the server environment, which is appealing to many user groups. It’s worth noting that Discord and Discord servers are completely free, providing an excellent option for those looking for cost-effective solutions. However, if you prioritize voice quality and server control, TeamSpeak 3 might be the better choice for your needs.

TeamSpeak 3 Licensing and Pricing

TeamSpeak 3 operates on a licensing model that offers both free and paid options. The default installation of TeamSpeak 3 comes with a limited number of slots (simultaneous connections) for free. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the free license provides 32 slots. However, if you require more slots, you will need to purchase a TeamSpeak 3 license.

To acquire a TeamSpeak 3 license with a higher slot count, you can visit the official TeamSpeak website ( and explore their licensing options. The pricing varies based on the number of slots you need, ranging from a few slots to hundreds or even thousands for larger communities or organizations.

Installing TeamSpeak 3 on a VPS

Before you begin, make sure you have access to VPS with a Linux-based operating system. In this article everything is done a VPS M SSD from Zumiv with Debian 11 on it. But now let’s get started:

First, connect to your server as root via SSH.

Before installing any software, ensure that your system is up to date. Run the following commands:

apt update
apt upgrade

Now create a directory for your TeamSpeak server and navigate to it:

mkdir teamspeak3
cd teamspeak3

Visit the TeamSpeak website to find the latest version of the server:

Use wget to download the server package. Replace the URL below with the appropriate link:


In our example the full command would be:


Extract the Archive: Once the download is complete, extract the archive using the following command:

tar -xjvf teamspeak3-server*.tar.bz2 

Now navigate to the newly extracted directory and agree to the license terms by creating an empty file named .ts3server_license_accepted:

cd teamspeak3-server_linux_amd64/ 
touch .ts3server_license_accepted 

To launch the TeamSpeak 3 server, use the following command:

./ start 

The server will start, and you’ll be provided with an “Admin Token” in the terminal. Copy and save this token; you’ll need it to set up your server and/or to get admin privileges in order to configure your server further.

Now connect to your TeamSpeak3 Server by entering your VPS’s IP address into the TeamSpeak3 Client. Use the Admin Token you obtained earlier to gain administrator privileges. Only with these you will be able to set up your server, create roles and channels and more!

If you want to stop your TeamSpeak3 Server, run the following command:

./ stop 

Congrats! Your TeamSpeak3 server has been set up. Have fun configuring it.

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