How to install CyberPanel on Ubuntu VPS?

CyberPanel on Ubuntu VPS

What is CyberPanel?

CyberPanel is a popular webmaster panel for rapid website deployment, construction, free and high performance.

Installation Environment

In this article, we will install CyberPanel on ubuntu 22.04 from zomev Cloud VPS.

  • VPS Configuration: 4 vCPU Cores, 8GB RAM, 50GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • Location: Singapore
  • Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Price: $8.49/mo

Installing CyberPanel on Linux VPS

Connect to the Ubuntu 22.04 VPS

After you have purchased the Ubuntu VPS, you can use the SSH utility to connect to the VPS, or you can also connect directly to the VPS using the SSH command in your computer’s terminal.

cyberpanel connect

Steps to install CyberPanel

  1. Write “ubuntu” to the hostname.
echo 'ubuntu' | sudo tee /etc/hostname
  1. Reboot the host.
  1. Connect the VPS with SSH tool again.

Tips: If the connection is refused, just connect again.

  1. Synchronize the system’s package database with the origin server to get the latest information on available packages。
sudo apt update
  1. Installation of the ‘dmidecode’ tool.
sudo apt install dmidecode ufw

If the option pops up, just press enter.

  1. Upgrade all installed packages to the latest version.
sudo apt upgrade

If the option pops up, select ‘1’ and press enter.

  1. Install CyberPanel
bash <( curl -sk )
  1. Cloud init
bash <( curl -sk )
  1. Reboot the VPS hosting.
  1. Connect the VPS with SSH tool again.

Once connected you will be prompted with the option to update, just press enter.

After that, you will get the information to log into CyberPanel.

cyberpanel finish

Finally, you need to get the password.

sudo cat .litespeed_password

cyberpanel get password

Access CyberPanel

  1. Open your browser to access “https://your_ip_address:8090”.
  2. Enter the username with “admin” and the password you got.

cyberpanel panel

  1. Start your CyberPanel journey!

cyberpanel panel look

FAQ about CyberPanel

Is CyberPanel secure?

CyberPanel is a web hosting control panel that uses OpenLiteSpeed as its web server. The security of CyberPanel depends on its development practices, configuration, server environment, third-party integrations, and user practices. Developers regularly release updates to patch known vulnerabilities, so keeping CyberPanel updated to the latest version is crucial. A default installation might not be optimized for security, making it essential to configure according to best practices. Additionally, the foundational security of the server, user habits, and any additional software or plugins can influence CyberPanel’s security. Overall, CyberPanel is considered relatively secure when best practices are followed, but no software can be deemed 100% secure.

Is CyberPanel free?

Yes, CyberPanel has a free version available that offers a range of features suitable for many users. However, they also offer a paid version called CyberPanel Enterprise, which provides additional features and capabilities for more advanced or commercial use.

How to install WordPress on CyberPanel VPS?

  • Log into CyberPanel dashboard.
  • Go to “Websites” and create a new website.
  • Once the website is created, navigate to “Website” -> “List Websites” -> “Manage” for your domain.
  • Under “Application Installer”, choose “WordPress” and click “Install”.
  • Fill in the required details and proceed with the installation.
  • After a few moments, WordPress should be installed on your domain.

Can only Ubuntu install CyberPanel?

No, CyberPanel is not limited to just Ubuntu. While Ubuntu is one of the supported operating systems, CyberPanel can also be installed on other Linux distributions, notably CentOS. And on Zumiv, you can buy a variety of Linux distributions, most of which can install CyberPanel.

On top of that, you can also buy Zumiv CyberPanel VPS directly, which comes with CyberPanel pre-installed, and you only need a minute or two of boot time to enjoy CyberPanel.

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